A failing heat pump will only grow worse over time, and it may be more expensive to repair than replace. In addition, your home’s temperature will fluctuate uncontrollably when the heat pump is malfunctioning. When replacing a heating system, it’s important to consider all possible features and benefits that may be available in new heating and cooling equipment- from energy efficiency ratings to warranty coverage options. Also, triple-check what you currently have installed so any upgrades are compatible with existing components or piping methods.

If you’re unsure of what type of furnace works best for your space, talk to an expert at Tulsa Plumber, OK who can help make suggestions based on factors like square footage and current insulation levels in your home. In most cases, homeowners should receive between eight & fifteen years out of their new electric resistance heating before they need heating and cooling equipment replacement parts or repairs done again.

Our Heating Installation, Repair & Maintenance Services:


Humidifiers are essential to combat dry air. When the humidity drops below 35% for months at a time, the skin starts to tighten, scales start appearing on your tongue, and mold can grow in your house! Luckily for Tulsa homeowners everywhere, our air conditioning humidifiers have an advanced mist-control system that guarantees coverage until it sets out sensors tell you when you need more water.

Furnace Repair 

The sad truth is that furnaces are not meant to last forever, and during the colder winter months you may need repairs or even a new one. Tulsa Plumber, OK offers quality service at competitive rates. Our heating systems experts can let you know if your furnace needs attention or upgrade. 

Furnace Replacement

When it comes to furnace replacement in Oklahoma or heating systems repair, we are known for providing great service and customer satisfaction throughout the state. If you’re looking for new furnaces near me (Tulsa), give us a call today; let’s get started finding out which energy efficiency model works best with your budget and expectations!

Heat Pumps

In Tulsa, heating systems pumps are a popular choice for many homeowners because they can provide both heating and cooling to your home. During the winter months, you will enjoy warmth at lower costs than with other traditional electric resistance heat units; during summertime, we can help keep you cool while saving money on monthly energy bills! 

Air Filtration Systems

Tulsa Plumber OK’s air cooling systems are designed to provide you with the purest indoor air quality possible. Our experts can help you determine which feature is best for your home, whether it be a UV germicidal light or an electronic filter that removes 99% of pollen and particles inside your ductwork.


While a standard thermostat or heat produced can only handle basic settings, our Tulsa Plumber, OK experts recommend digital models that have smart learning capabilities. These advanced controls help you keep your home at the perfect temperature 24/365 while using less energy than ever before!

Gas Line Installation

Tulsa Plumber OK offers natural gas line installation for any heating systems you may be considering. Our team of electrical system experts can help ensure all proper safety controls are in place so your family stays safe while enjoying extreme convenience and affordability!

How Often Should I Have My Furnace Checked and Serviced by a Professional?

In Tulsa, most homeowners should have their furnaces and heating system checked at least once a year. Call our service reps for more information on how frequently you need to schedule maintenance and tune-ups based on your specific unit’s use!

What Does A Furnace Tune-Up Include?

During a furnace tune up in Oklahoma, we complete several different tests that will help determine the overall health of your heating system as well as what repairs – if any – are necessary. Our team uses state-of-the-art tools to test safety valves, igniters, carbon monoxide sensors and other components that indicate malfunctions or general wear & tear from usage over time.

Tips on Saving Money on Home Heating Systems Costs

When it comes to saving money on home heating costs, Oklahoma homeowners should consider the following tips:

Maintain Your System

If you do not properly maintain your heating equipment system and allow harmful substances such as mold or carbon monoxide into your ductwork, Tulsa Plumber, OK cannot guarantee proper performance. We can provide a thorough tune-up and clean for any HVAC unit but every job is different; we recommend calling us immediately if you notice something isn’t right with your heat pumps system!

Change Filters Often

If your heating equipment system is equipped with a filter, it’s important to be proactive in changing them out. Dirt and debris can easily accumulate during the course of a year which will affect air quality and efficiency; we recommend checking filters monthly or quarterly depending on their size!

Turn Down Thermostat at Night

By turning down your thermostat by just five degrees for eight hours each night when you are typically away from the home, Tulsa Plumber, OK recommends an annual savings of up to 20% off heating costs throughout the winter months. You’ll also notice significant improvements in humidity levels if you live in Oklahoma where heat pumps work especially well! So, if you’re looking to spend less on home heating costs in the future, contact our air source heat pumps team today!